ParsedUsage(client, command)

Converts usage strings into objects to compare against later

new ParsedUsage(client, command)

Name Type Description
client KomadaClient The Komada client
command Command The command this parsed usage is for


readonly client :KomadaClient

The client this CommandMessage was created with.

commands :string

The compiled string for all names/aliases in a usage string

deliminatedUsage :string

The usage string re-deliminated with the usageDelim

names :Array.<string>

All names and aliases for the command

nearlyFullUsage :string

The concatenated string of this.commands and this.deliminatedUsage

parsedUsage :Array.<Object>

The usage object to compare against later

usageString :string

The usage string


fullUsage(msg) → {string}

Creates a full usage string including prefix and commands/aliases for documentation/help purposes
Name Type Description
msg external:Message a message to check to get the current prefix